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Family law matters can be some of the most difficult, and intimidating ordeals we must go through in our lives. Whether it’s the dissolution of a marriage, a child custody issue, or a domestic violence crisis, these cases are often emotionally charged and can lead to high amounts of frustration and resentment between parties. At the Myers Family Law, our team can help you navigate these trying times and provide compassionate and effective legal counsel that puts you and your family’s best interests first.

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At Myers Family Law, we have dedicated our firm solely to the family law practice area, and our attorneys have extensive experience and study specializing in the legal codes and processes relevant to you and your family. Our Citrus Heights divorce lawyers treat every case with the highest degree of care while aggressively seeking effective and decisive solutions on their behalf.

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At Myers Family Law, we understand the stress and emotional turmoil a family law case can so often carry. We exercise tact and compassion when working with our clients and, with an experienced family mediator on staff, always pursue the most amiable and favorable results possible for you and your family.

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