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  • Who Has the Advantage in a Move-Away Case?

    Move-away cases arise after a divorce has already been settled, and both spouses have agreed on matters such as child custody and visitation . As circumstances change, one parent may decide that it is more beneficial for themselves or for the child to pick up and move elsewhere. However, one may not simply relocate with their child to another city, country or state without ensuring this move is in ...
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  • Is It Difficult for Stepparents to Adopt?

    When two parents go through a divorce and one of those parents later chooses to remarry, the child’s new stepparent often wants to legally adopt the child . This can be a joyous occasion, in which a new family finally becomes whole in the eyes of the law. However, it can also be a difficult area to navigate legally, depending on the feelings of the child’s other biological parent. While a ...
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  • What to Ask for in a Divorce Settlement | Myers Family Law

    There’s no way around it: Divorce is complicated. Whether you’re just deciding to file or already deep in the thick of the proceedings, you already know what a stressful and emotional time it can be. That’s why it’s important to select a skilled divorce attorney – and to have a clear sense of what you need and want from a divorce settlement – long before the negotiations begin in earnest. At Myers ...
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  • Getting an Annulment in California | Myers Family Law

    When you’re expecting a lengthy and contentious divorce, the word “annulment” may sound like a breath of fresh air. After all, the English word derives from the Latin annullo, meaning to annihilate or make into nothing. However, although annulment can allow you to easily wipe the slate clean, it’s only an option for some categories of union – and unless you meet the requirements, you will have to ...
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  • Why Millennial Divorce Rates Are Dropping

    Over the past few decades, a very unusual divorce trend has taken shape. While baby boomers and elderly Americans are more inclined to get divorced than ever before, the divorce rates for millennials and Gen X couples have actually dropped, lowering the total national divorce rate by more than 18% between 2008 and 2016 alone. Although this tilt towards more “grey divorces” might seem surprising, ...
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  • Can I Change My Mind and Divorce After Separation?

    In practice, legal separation shares a number of similarities with divorce – but in the legal system, these are two different processes with unique requirements. Fortunately, California law allows couples to convert a legal separation into a divorce, or to change their minds during the separation proceedings. However, it can often be tricky to navigate this kind of change without the help of a ...
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  • How Will Divorce Affect My Credit Score?

    It’s no secret that divorce is complicated, and the blast from your break-up can impact almost every aspect of your life. When we work with clients, they’re sometimes surprised to learn that divorce can impact their credit scores, too. At Myers Family Law, our Granite Bay divorce lawyers have more than 25 years of collective experience handling divorce cases throughout Placer County and beyond. ...
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  • What's the Difference Between Physical and Legal Custody?

    If you’re currently dealing with a child custody case, you know how complicated and difficult these cases can be. Regardless of your relationship with your ex-spouse, it can take a lot of work to prevent a minor disagreement from spiraling into a painful child custody battle – which could affect your child’s emotional wellbeing in the process. Of course, most of these difficult decisions center on ...
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  • When Can I Modify a Child Support Order?

    Once a court has ordered you to pay regular child support, you are legally obligated to make those payments. But what happens if you lose your job, or face another serious obstacle to paying support? While it can be difficult to change these payments, the state of California does allow you to petition for child support modifications if your financial circumstances change. Whether you’re the one ...
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