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Blog Posts in September, 2021

  • Protections Offered in a California Restraining Order

    If you have been harmed or fear harm from someone, whether that be physical or sexual harm in the form of abuse, threats, stalking, or harassment, you have the right to request protection in the form of a court-issued restraining order. Restraining orders can prohibit the abuser from a number of activities and behaviors, depending on your situation and the type of order you obtain. Keep reading to ...
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  • Benefits and Advantages of Mediation

    One alternative dispute resolution method for California divorces is mediation. While some cases may require mediation before proceeding to litigation, many couples might nonetheless find it advantageous to settle their disputes in a mediated negotiation instead of battling it out in court. In today’s blog post, we will go into some of the benefits and advantages of resolving your family matters ...
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