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Understand How California Family Code Applies to You

Partners who reside in California may decide to establish a legal domestic partnership to protect their rights and reinforce their commitment without legal marriage. One of the most important aspects of a domestic partnership is determining who qualifies for it. Partners of the same sex or those over 62 years of age, of the same or opposite sex, can establish that their relationship qualifies them for a legal domestic partnership.

The California Family Code establishes that the following people may establish a domestic partnership:

  • Adults over age 18 of the same sex or if one partner is over age 62 they may be opposite sex partners
  • Partners who share the same residence and are eligible for marriage (i.e. are not married to someone else or too closely blood-related)

Why Is Retaining a Domestic Partnership Attorney Necessary?

Legal representation is highly recommended for any person or partners entering into any type of legal relationship that involves the state. Our attorneys at Myers Family Law in Granite Bay have extensive knowledge in the area of domestic partnership and we strive to do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction.

  • At Myers Family Law, our domestic partnership lawyers:
  • Work directly with our clients to uphold their rights throughout the entire process
  • Use our extensive experience and knowledge to walk our clients through all paperwork and procedures
  • Have an extensive track record of being able to achieve the goals our clients seek in the courtroom

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In domestic partnership proceedings, we understand that attaining a domestic partnership or dissolution of a domestic relationship can be stressful and confusing. The Placer County divorce lawyers at Myers Family Law take this to heart while working on each individual case.

Our Granite Bay family law attorneys are knowledgeable, experienced, and empathetic to your case and fight aggressively for your rights. When going through a separation or divorce, we stay committed to making the experience as positive as possible for your family’s best interest and fulfilling future.

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