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Partners who reside in California may decide to establish a legal domestic partnership to protect their rights and reinforce their commitment without legal marriage. One of the most important aspects of a domestic partnership is determining who qualifies for it.


If you and your partner wish to engage in a domestic partnership, there are several legal elements you should be aware of:

  1. There are still some restrictions on domestic partnerships. If two people are related by blood, under 18 years of age, unable to consent, or are already married or in a domestic partnership, they cannot be engaged in a new domestic partnership.
  2. People in domestic partnerships experience many of the same benefits as married couples. For example, couples in domestic partnerships can choose to share a last name (or create a new hyphenated last name). Domestic partners also have the same legal rights as parents should they have children and can make medical, legal, and financial decisions for each other. Domestic partners can also own community property together and receive protections should their partner die.
  3. California's domestic partnerships aren't federally recognized. Domestic partners may have trouble engaging in activities that typically require a federally recognized marriage, such as sponsoring a non-citizen for US citizenship or adopting a child from another country.
  4. California recognizes domestic partnerships and their equivalents from other states. For example, if you're engaged in a civil union in Colorado and move to California with your partner, you'll be treated like a couple in a domestic partnership.
  5. Domestic partners still file federal taxes as singles. While domestic partners can file California state taxes as a couple, they still have to file federal taxes as if they're single. For many domestic partners, this is actually beneficial since married couples are often pushed into higher tax brackets by their combined income.
  6. Domestic partners who wish to terminate the partnership may need to file for divorce. Domestic partners who’ve been together for less than five years can simply file a "termination of domestic partnership" form with the Secretary of State. However, domestic partners who’ve been together for longer than five years typically need to file for divorce to terminate their partnership.

To engage in a domestic partnership, couples must fill out an online form through the Secretary of State. This form can be mailed in or delivered to specific locations. Couples under age 62 will need to pay $33 to engage in a domestic partnership, while couples older than 62 pay only $10.

Why Is Retaining a Domestic Partnership Attorney Necessary?

Legal representation is highly recommended for any person or partners entering into any type of legal relationship that involves the state. Our attorneys at Myers Family Law in Granite Bay have extensive knowledge in the area of domestic partnership and we strive to do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction.

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