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How to Prepare for a Child Custody Hearing

Child custody disputes can be hotly contested, especially when such sensitive matters are addressed in the courtroom. Custody hearings can be extremely frightening, stressful, and emotionally charged, which is why it is imperative to prepare a convincing case in order to obtain the most favorable outcome.

The following are several tips on how to prepare for a child custody hearing:

  • Learn about the child custody laws in California – You need to familiarize yourself with the state child custody and parental responsibility laws. Remember, unless there is evidence of domestic violence or otherwise the other parent is unfit, both parents will share custody. When you research the current laws, create a list of questions for your lawyer to answer.

  • Know about the better-parent standard – If you are interested in obtaining sole custody of your child, you need to understand the “better-parent” standard. This means the judge will determine which parent is a better financial and emotional provider for the child, based on several factors related to the child's best interests. Your attorney can explain which factors the court will take into account.

  • Ensure you gather evidence – You need to prove to the court that you are the better parent by providing ample documentation, such as phone call logs and text messages showing you and your child regularly communicate, photographs and videos of you with your kids, a visitation schedule journal or log that shows how much time you spend with your kids or how often the other parent misses their visitation time, proof of timely child support payments, etc.

  • Understand how custody hearings work – You must know what to expect in court. Your attorney can help you prepare for your hearing by doing some roleplay in order to become familiar with the legal process.

  • Learn proper courtroom etiquette – In order to win your custody case, you need to keep your emotions in check and avoid making accusatory statements or emotional outbursts. Not only can your attorney teach you the proper courtroom etiquette, but he/she can also show you how to dress appropriately.

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