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Father’s Rights in California

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The emotional strain of a divorce can be very difficult to navigate with a level head. In some cases, fathers can be unjustly denied their visitation and continued relationship with their children for a variety of reasons, both by the courts and by their former spouses.

When this is the case, it is easy to become frustrated and wonder what you can do in order to continue to see and spend time with your children.

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  • If your spouse denies your visitation or relocates without authorization, we work with you to enforce the terms of your agreement or modify them to allow you to continue your relationship with your children.

What Rights Does a Father Have in California?

The father and child relationship is vital, that is why state laws in California have been put into place so that the court system may not interfere in the relationship unless absolutely necessary. When it comes to father’s rights or child custody cases, California family law courts use the “best interests of the child” standard.

So what if the father is unmarried?

If he is, he must establish paternity to prove that he is the biological father. California uses the words “paternity” and “parentage” interchangeably and also uses the term “parental relationship.” When it comes to establishing paternity, it means either a child’s parents or the government has determined that a specific male individual is the child’s father.

How to Establish Paternity in CA

The easiest way for parents to establish the child’s paternity is through signing a “voluntary declaration of paternity.” When an unmarried woman gives birth in a medical setting, the medical providers at that facility must provide her and the alleged father information on signing this voluntary declaration.

When the form is signed, both parents agree that they are the child’s parents, and the father’s name is added to the birth certificate. The second way to establish paternity is through the state, by filing a paternity action through the court.

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Most people think that the mother in a relationship always has the upper hand in courts; this is not the case. Courts judge and award custody based on the best interests of the children. Because of this, there is no assumption of who will be a better candidate based on a parent’s sex and fathers enter on completely equal footing.

We can even help you with enforcement issues, ensuring that a negotiated and agreed-to parenting plan is followed closely. If your spouse decides to ignore this agreement, we can help you petition the court to secure your rights to visitation and modify your parenting agreement as necessary.

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