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Move-Away Cases

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After you finalize your divorce and decide upon child custody rights and visitation schedules, you can try to find a regular routine again and settle into a new chapter of your life. However, as going through a divorce reaffirms, life is anything but predictable, and you or your ex-spouse may need to relocate to another city, county, or state. Choosing what to do with child custody and visitation in a move-away case can feel precarious and high-stakes, but it is a challenge you can overcome with the help of Myers Family Law.

Our Granite Bay divorce attorneys have been assisting families solve difficult legal disputes for more than 25 years combined. With a Bar Certified Family Law Specialist and Certified Mediator on our team, you can be confident that we have the knowledgeability to navigate any possible issue while also keeping the resolution non-contentious.

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When Moving Away is Necessary in Courtroom Standards

The family law court overseeing your move-away case will need to approve a modification of your preexisting divorce agreement. Approving a modification requires showing the court the necessity of your relocation. Simply deciding to move because you want a change of location will likely not work in your favor and you could end up with little to no child custody rights, especially if you move to a faraway location.

The court is more likely to approve of a move-away modification if you must move because:

  • Your career requires you to relocate to keep gainful employment.
  • A loved one falls ill or becomes disabled and you move to be nearer to them for support.
  • Moving to a new region is recommended by your own doctor, such as for allergy reasons.
  • You want to live with a new spouse.

Deciding Who Keeps Child Custody

Assuming you have a valid, court-approved reason for relocating, the decision as to which parent keeps primary or sole child custody still must be addressed. Keep in mind the court will be required by California law to rule in favor of the child’s best interests, not what you or your ex-spouse prefer. Work with our Granite Bay child custody lawyers to craft a positive argument to convince the court that living with you, whether you are the one relocating or staying put, is best for your child.

It may be in your child’s best interests to remain in your custody if living with you:

  • Allows your child to stay with close friends.
  • Places your child in a highly-acclaimed school.
  • Reduces the stress your child would experience in a move.
  • Protects your child from potential allergen complications.
  • Reflects your child’s own wishes.
  • Encourages a healthy, happy lifestyle.

The decision to keep your child with you may be automatic if your ex-spouse has been convicted or accused of domestic violence, or if they do not have the health to raise a child. Let our attorneys know if there is evidence of either of these situations when we are working on your move-away case.

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