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  • How Does a Collaborative Divorce Work?

    Going through a divorce can be a challenging and emotional experience. While most divorces are not as contentious as we might think they can be, they still require time, money, and a physical and emotional commitment from both parties involved. Some states offer couples divorce alternatives, such as mediation or collaborative divorce to help encourage couples to resolve their divorce disputes. If ...
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  • Divorce and Real Estate Mistakes: How to Avoid Them

    Navigating a divorce requires you to deal with many challenges, especially when it comes to real estate. You will need to determine how to divide real estate, what to do with your martial home, and more. This adds even more confusion to the mix. When it comes to divorce and real estate, here are some mistakes you want to avoid. What Not to Do When Navigating Marital Property Division During a ...
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  • How Do You Divide a Business in a Divorce?

    What happens to a family business during a divorce ? If this question keeps popping up in your head, you are not alone. In California, a business is considered an asset, which is subject to division during a divorce if considered marital property. Determining the value of a business requires the assistance of seasoned professionals, including accountants and appraisers. Today, we go over the ...
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  • Reasons a Judge Will Modify Child Custody in California

    What happens if you need to change your child custody order in California? Certain court orders are modifiable by the California courts after a final judgement has been made. The most common areas for post-judgment modification of orders include child custody/visitation orders, child support orders, and spousal support orders. Today, we go which reasons are acceptable for requesting a modification ...
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  • How to Practice Self-Care While Going Through a Divorce

    If you are going through a divorce , you may be feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and emotional. These feelings may come and go and intensify during certain parts of the divorce process. It is totally normal to feel some sort of emotional fallout or like even the most mundane tasks are hard to complete. So, how do you get through this time in your life? Practicing daily self-care can help you make ...
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  • Why Is It Important to Establish Paternity in California?

    If you and your partner have a child together and decide not to get married, you will need to establish paternity. California law does not automatically assign parentage to the child’s father, rather this must be determined after the child is born. There are many benefits to establishing parentage for unmarried parentings, including the fact that doing so protects a father’s right to be a part of ...
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  • How to Get an Annulment in California

    How to Get an Annulment in California An annulment is often misunderstood or used interchangeable with divorce; however, the two are very different. An annulment declares a marriage void, meaning it never happened whereas a divorce ends an existing marriage. An annulment can be granted if the marriage was not legal, if you were forced to marry your spouse, or if you were not old enough to marry ...
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  • Are Inheritances Divided in a Divorce?

    Are Inheritances Divided in a Divorce? If you are going through a divorce and you inherited certain assets from your family members during your marriage, you are probably wondering if that property is subject to division during divorce proceedings. Under California law, an inheritance received before a divorce is considered an individual’s separate property. However, are there circumstances where ...
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