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Important Tasks to Do After Divorce

Although you might feel relieved that you have finally finished the divorce process, there are several aspects of your legal divorce judgment that don’t automatically happen. Below, we explain what people need to do after divorce to finalize crucial details.

Request Certified Copies of the Divorce Judgment

You can buy a couple of extra certified copies of the divorce judgment at the county courthouse where the divorce was filed. Certain government agencies and organizations might require you to show proof of a certified copy before they can authorize changes after your divorce. For example, you need a certified copy of the divorce judgment to change your name on your passport or Social Security card.

Your Ex-Spouse Needs to Sign a Satisfaction of Money Judgment

When spouses are awarded judgments for child support, spousal support, or settlement payments for property and investments, they are entitled to have the former spouse sign a “Satisfaction of Judgment.” The Satisfaction of Judgment informs potential lenders that you have completed your financial responsibility for each money judgment.

Transfer Real Estate Titles

If you and your ex have plans to buy or transfer any real estate interest to the other, then you need to transfer the title to the properties. To do this, you must go to the County’s Recorder office and release interest in the property by signing a “Bargain and Sale Deed” or “Quit Claim Deed.” This can be avoided if one spouse is refinancing the property in their name alone, in which case the title will be re-assigned through the title company.

Dividing the Retirement Accounts

Employer-sponsored retirement accounts and pensions require a separate court order called a “Qualified Domestic Relations Order” (QDRO) to divide the funds. The QDRO informs the retirement plan administrator how the account should be divided. The QDRO is usually submitted to the court after the divorce judgment is filed.

Transfer the Vehicle Title

If one party has been ordered to transfer ownership of a vehicle to the other party, then they will have to contact the DMV to ask about the procedure to transfer the vehicle’s title. You should also contact your auto insurance company to update your policy.

Update Your Life Insurance Company

You need to contact your life insurance company after your divorce to update your marital status, insurance levels, and beneficiaries. Sometimes life insurance changes are specified in the divorce agreement. Some states require your ex-spouse’s life insurance company to inform you if they change a policy in which you are the beneficiary or trustee.

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