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Blog Posts in April, 2018

  • Changing a Child Custody Order

    Just because you and your ex-spouse have a child custody order in place does not mean neither of you will ever be able to change it. If you currently have joint custody and want to change the order to obtain full custody, you can request a modification. However, if your ex-spouse does not agree to the change, as is usually the case, you will have to go to court and present your case to a judge. ...
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  • What Is the Best & Worst Times to Get Divorced?

    If you are thinking about divorcing from your spouse, most experts say that timing is everything. With roughly half of all marriages ending in divorce, and divorce rates continuing to increase, it is important to know when it’s the right time to separate from your spouse, especially if you own a business or have other valuable assets. In this blog, we talk about the best and worst times to get a ...
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  • Don’t Vent to Others, It Might Affect Your Divorce

    Most of us have been in a situation where we want to share an incredibly frustrating experience with another person. A lot of people use “venting” as a tool to let off some steam, hopefully making them feel better about what they are upset about. However, venting might not be as therapeutic as we assume, and can actually make us more aggressive towards the person or situation we are angry about. ...
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