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Blog Posts in September, 2020

  • 3 Types of Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in CA

    If you are a victim of domestic violence in California or fear an attack from a current or former spouse/romantic partner, someone who shares a child with, someone you live(d) with, or a relative is imminent, you may obtain a restraining order. Also known as a protective order or order of protection, this type of court order prohibits an abuser from contacting or being within a certain distance of ...
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  • Is California a Community Property State?

    California is considered a “community property” state and does not follow equitable distribution rules. This means a married couple’s community property should be divided equally in the event of a divorce (if there is no written agreement, such as a prenuptial agreement). Community property – also known as marital property – consists of all assets that a couple acquires during the marriage. To ...
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