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Blog Posts in August, 2017

  • Who Gets Pet Custody in a Divorce?

    If you and your soon-to-be former spouse share a pet, you might be in for a bit of a hurdle. Unlike children, battling over the family pet is often considered to be a matter of ownership rather than custody. However, in California, the state has the California Family Code Section 6320, which protects domestic animals in cases where it is believed that one party might harm the pet. As such, if ...
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  • How Are Retirement Assets Divided in Divorce?

    When spouses decide to move forward with the divorce process, it is not only a hugely emotional experience, but one that involves major financial challenges as they unlink their lives. Part of this includes the division of retirement accounts, which can be a complicated process in some cases. Whatever your circumstances might be, it would be wise to consult a skilled divorce attorney to make sure ...
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