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  • Your Property Division Checklist

    Property division is often one of the most complex and contentious parts of any divorce proceeding. During property division, the court decides how parties will divide marital property, including assets and debts. Knowing what to expect from the property division process in California, and how you should prepare for it, can help you tackle your property division case with more confidence. How Does ...
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  • Is Mediation Right for You?

    Divorce is often a long, stressful process, particularly in cases where both parties are estranged and disagree on matters such as child custody, spousal support, property division, etc. Engaging in mediation can allow parties to resolve their differences more collaboratively, which often reduces the emotional turmoil of the divorce. Understanding whether mediation is the right option for you can ...
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  • Co-Parenting and the COVID-19 Pandemic

    If you are a divorced parent, you know how difficult it can be to co-parent with your ex-spouse under normal circumstances and you are likely experiencing even greater challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the challenges you are facing now are unique to the times and, as such, you may not be sure how to navigate them. Continue reading for some tips on how to co-parent amidst a pandemic. ...
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  • Legal Separation vs Divorce

    Divorce and legal separation are alike in many ways, but they are exceptionally different in others, so it is crucial to understand what both of these options can do for you to ensure your specific needs are met. Generally, legal separation is ideal for those who are unsure about ending their marriage, but wish to live separately for the time being. If they ultimately choose to end their marriage, ...
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  • Understanding Step-Parent Rights in Joint Custody Arrangements

    In the US, over 50% of families are remarried or recoupled. As a result, between 10 and 20% of children in the US have at least one step-parent. For many step-parents, the legality surrounding step-parent rights in joint custody arrangements is challenging. Understanding your custodial rights as a step-parent can help you navigate your relationship with the child's biological parents and the child ...
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  • Domestic Partnerships in California: What You Need to Know

    In July of 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation allowing heterosexual couples to engage in domestic partnerships. Previous to this legislation, domestic partnerships were restricted to same-sex couples or heterosexual couples over the age of 62. Given this change, couples or individuals interested in an alternative to marriage should know the ins and outs of California's ...
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  • What Are the “Best Interests” of a Child in a Custody Case?

    The best interests of a child are the primary focus of any custody case. It is a term that encompasses a vast array of factors, which a judge will carefully consider before rendering a decision that most effectively supports a child’s best interests. If you are vying for custody of your children, you must familiarize yourself with this term’s meaning, so you can best embody it, giving yourself the ...
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  • How Can I Prepare for My Divorce?

    If you are planning on filing for divorce, there are some crucial steps you must take before you get the ball rolling and filing a complaint. The more prepared you are going into this situation, the smoother the process will be. Moreover, your divorce attorney will better understand your case if you are organized and managed to collect most or all of the necessary documents regarding your ...
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