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Clients often come to our firm when facing serious legal issues and emotional life events. As trusted legal counselors who specifically handle family law and divorce matters, our family advocates possess the skill, insight, and knowledge needed to help clients and their families navigate the choppy waters of divorce or other family-related legal disputes. It is our ultimate goal to help bridge the gap between the complex legal process and helping your family move forward to a more peaceful and happy future.

  • What makes Myers Family Law different?

  • Over 25 years of family law and legal experience
  • Specialist in high conflict divorce and custody matters
  • Bar Certified Family Law Specialist uses legal expertise to protect you
  • Compassionate legal counsel for every client
  • Certified Mediator works to secure non-contentious resolutions
  • One of the only law firms that can prepare division of retirement cases
  • Affordable attorney fees and a low-cost 30-minute consultation
  • Experience handling cases that involve individuals with personality disorders

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At Myers Family Law, we understand that these types of issues are among the most sensitive and emotional legal matters. These types of disputes often involve young children who are easily impressed upon, as well as long-term marital relationships. That is why it is searching for the right attorney is crucial to getting you the compassionate and experienced legal guidance you deserve. Call Myers Family Law today to learn more about our firm.

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    Legal Experts with Compassionate Hearts

    Helping You Take Steps to a Brighter Future

    Although the decision to divorce or legally separate may be reached in various ways, this does not take away from the pain or grief you may be experiencing. We believe that each of our clients are deserving of compassionate counsel that recognizes their unique situation, and is focused on reaching a final outcome that is beneficial to all parties if possible.

    Protect Your Rights & Your Children’s Best Interests

    Our primary mission is to secure a final outcome that sets your family up for the best possible future. Family law matters can be painful and complex, but we guide your steps from beginning to end. Our lawyers keep you informed of your options so you understand what is at stake, which options you can take, and how to best move forward.

    Types of issues we handle:

    Our goal is the same as yours: achieve the best possible outcome even in the face of crisis. We value the trust and confidence our clients place in us and we can be trusted to handle your family law matter. We are committed to providing you with the personal service you deserve and need. Contact Myers Family Law to speak with an attorney today.

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