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Blog Posts in April, 2019

  • Who Has the Advantage in a Move-Away Case?

    Move-away cases arise after a divorce has already been settled, and both spouses have agreed on matters such as child custody and visitation. As circumstances change, one parent may decide that it is more beneficial for themselves or for the child to pick up and move elsewhere. However, one may not simply relocate with their child to another city, country or state without ensuring this move is in ...
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  • Is It Difficult for Stepparents to Adopt?

    When two parents go through a divorce and one of those parents later chooses to remarry, the child’s new stepparent often wants to legally adopt the child. This can be a joyous occasion, in which a new family finally becomes whole in the eyes of the law. However, it can also be a difficult area to navigate legally, depending on the feelings of the child’s other biological parent. While a ...
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