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Blog Posts in June, 2017

  • Tips for a More Cost-Effective Divorce

    Everyone knows divorce can burn a hole in your pocket. Though necessary, many people fear getting a divorce because they don’t want to siphon their money into something that may drag on for ages, with no end in sight. However, despite the common misconception, there are other viable options for a more cost-effective divorce, and our Rocklin divorce lawyers can best advise you on which course of ...
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  • Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets in Your Divorce Case?

    If you and your spouse are facing the possibility of divorce, it is essential you remain aware and vigilant about your shared finances. While you may not expect it from your spouse, many people become vengeful at the end of a marriage and attempt to hide assets in a divorce case because they don’t want their ex-spouse to have access to anything now that the relationship is over. Many people make ...
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