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Tips for a More Cost-Effective Divorce

Everyone knows divorce can burn a hole in your pocket. Though necessary, many people fear getting a divorce because they don’t want to siphon their money into something that may drag on for ages, with no end in sight. However, despite the common misconception, there are other viable options for a more cost-effective divorce, and our Rocklin divorce lawyers can best advise you on which course of action to take, depending on your particular situation.

Here are 3 ways to reduce divorce costs drastically:

  • Kitchen Table Divorce – Likened to mediation, kitchen table divorce involves both parties sitting down to discuss the most important aspects of their divorce in private. Using this method, the couple will avoid litigation, lawyers’ fees, and court expenses. Kitchen table divorce requires both parties be completely amicable with each other beforehand, as it is easy for one person to intimidate or take over the other. The purpose of this method is so you can calmly and seamlessly discuss debt, assets, custody, visitation, and spousal or child support.
  • Mediation – When you and your spouse are amicable but still want to make sure things stay fair, mediation is another viable option. This method also allows for couples to settle things on their own terms, but usually has a lawyer or mediation present to ensure things stay fair all around.
  • Collaborative divorce – A collaborative divorce is yet again for people who are amicable enough to discuss their issues peacefully, but also have complex concerns which may require the counsel of a financial specialist, divorce attorney, or parenting expert.

These options are all clearly geared towards people who are comfortable enough to discuss their issues open and honestly, which may not be the case for you and your ex-spouse. Not every couple is lucky enough to stay friendly with each other in the midst of a breakup, in which case you will need to enlist in the help of a Rocklin divorce lawyer to guide you through the difficulties ahead.

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