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Complex Asset Issues in Divorce

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The division of community property is a necessary step in any divorce or any termination of a domestic partnership in California. Under typical circumstances, property division can be complicated and raise tensions between both spouses. When there are complex assets, such as companies and highly-valued finances, matters will be all the more intricate and contentious. Retaining an experienced, quick-thinking divorce lawyer is crucial to ensure your best interests are protected and your fair share of complex assets is secured.

At Myers Family Law, you will find that our Granite Bay divorce attorneys are well-equipped to take on your complex asset division case. Backed by 25+ years of combined legal experience focused deliberately on family law, we have built a solid reputation for excellence and success.

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Forms of Complex or High-Stakes Assets

Not all community property subject to division in a divorce will be as straightforward as a shared bank account or the family home. Many couples are surprised to find that they possess complex assets requiring a careful legal approach. Before you are surprised by the complexity of your own divorce, call (916) 634-0067 to get our Granite Bay asset division attorneys on your side.

Three examples of complex assets in divorce are:

  • Businesses: Married couples who own a business together are confronted with the delicate task of deciding how it should be divided, if at all, when divorcing. One spouse may want sole ownership in exchange for lesser amounts of other community property, both spouses may want to jointly own the business as partners, and so forth. The larger the company or corporation in question, the more difficult it will be to fairly consider it for asset division. A business valuation is also necessary regardless of business size.
  • Unique finances: Atypical sources of income can be a challenge to divide, especially if shared effort has gone into making those sources profitable. You will need to consider stock shares, investment opportunities, retirement accounts, royalties, etc.
  • Real estate: Appraising real estate is necessary to decide how it should be divided. A home of significant value can be considered a complex asset. However, most real estate property considered to be complex involves commercial properties, like an office complex or even a building used for hospitality.

Protect Your Best Interests with Our Help

Without an appropriate plan in place for your complex asset division, you could walk out of the courtroom losing out on hard-earned property and finances. Let our Granite Bay divorce attorneys stand up for your rights and help you keep ahold of valued assets. While we often use a compassionate approach to cases that relies on negotiation, we are more than prepared to get aggressive and use litigation to your advantage.

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