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Blog Posts in March, 2021

  • How Do You Divide a Business in a Divorce?

    What happens to a family business during a divorce ? If this question keeps popping up in your head, you are not alone. In California, a business is considered an asset, which is subject to division during a divorce if considered marital property. Determining the value of a business requires the assistance of seasoned professionals, including accountants and appraisers. Today, we go over the ...
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  • Reasons a Judge Will Modify Child Custody in California

    If you need to modify your child custody order, what are the reasons a judge will allow? Certain court orders are modifiable by the California courts after a final judgement has been made. The most common areas for post-judgment modification of orders include child custody/visitation orders, child support orders, and spousal support orders. Keep reading to find out how you can modify your existing ...
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