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Blog Posts in August, 2020

  • Visitation Rights of Grandparents in California

    Grandparents in many families play an important role in their grandchildren’s lives. In some households, the grandparents play the role of parents. However, if a grandchild’s parents get divorced, grandparents may wonder if they can still see or visit their loved one. Fortunately, grandparents may request the court for visitation with their grandkids. Family courts in CA will accept a petition for ...
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  • When Does Child Support End in California?

    Child support covers a child’s basic needs (e.g., food, shelter, clothing, as well as education and medical expenses) and any other reasonable expenses after a divorce or legal separation. This monthly payment is generally paid to the custodial parent, with who the child primarily resides. According to California family law, child support ends when a child turns 18 years old, which is considered ...
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