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Stepparent Adoption

Granite Bay adoptions for stepparents

Did you know that stepparents can adopt their stepchildren? This is often pursued as a way to bring together a new family after the biological parent goes through a divorce. The presence of the other biological parent can complicate a stepparent adoption, though, especially if that parent is being uncooperative.

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Getting the Consent of the Other Birth Parent

In the average divorce case involving parents, child custody rights will be granted to both divorcees to some extent. A stepparent who marries one of the divorced spouses has to be aware of these child custody rights and what it would mean to adopt their stepchild. The decision impacts everyone, including the other birth parent.

Taking the wish to adopt their stepchild as an encroachment on their parental duties and identity is not uncommon of the other birth parent. You will have to anticipate objections and work on a way to win their consent. With a Certified Mediator on our staff, we have the know-how and insight needed to approach the situation carefully and avoid unnecessary contention.

When Birth Parent Consent is Unnecessary

Your stepparent adoption could become considerably easier if you do not need to get the consent of the other birth parent. This is the case when they have lost parental rights due to a court order.

A birth parent can lose parental rights if they:

  • Abandon their child.
  • Neglect the needs of their child.
  • Fail to pay child support.
  • Become unfit for parental duties due to health issues.

Do not assume the other birth parent has lost parental duties. Always confirm as much by working with a divorce lawyer who can study divorce agreements for the correct, identifying language.

Bring Your Family Together with Our Legal Assistance

Stepparent adoptions are a crucial step in solidifying your new family after remarrying or marrying someone with a child from another relationship of their own. Our Granite Bay family lawyers would be more than happy to help you form that bond and move forward by simplifying the stepparent adoption processes. If you do not want to get into the legal details of your case, you can place the responsibility on us and we will gladly manage the paperwork, filings, responses, and so forth. We honor our clients’ wishes and do all we can to make family law cases stress-free.

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