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The Importance of Consistent Rules for Kids After a Divorce

Raising children can be a challenge even under the best of circumstances. For divorced parents, it is often exponentially more difficult. Creating consistent rules and routines across both households can help minimize potential conflicts between you and your former spouse as well as your children. Moreover, the presence of stability in your children’s lives will reduce their anxiety and fears regarding the future.

Creating a Consistent Environment for Your Children

After a divorce, your children will spend time with each parent in their respective homes. Without consistent rules and routines in place, visitation may create some confusion for your children and worsen what is likely already a stressful time for them. Although it may not be practical to create identical household rules and routines. Fostering some consistency will help put your children at ease during their time in each home. Of course, coordinating with your former spouse may seem like an impossible task, so we have some tips on how to approach this situation.

Asking each other some of the following questions can help get you started:

- Are there any issues you are willing to be flexible with?

- Are there any issues on which you think should be steadfast?

- Should a specific parent handle any issues in particular?

- Do you have any ideas on how you will reward good behavior or admonish bad behavior?

- Do you foresee any issues with your approach?

You and your co-parent may not necessarily get this right the first time, so you may need to revisit it and make alterations to better suit everyone. What might sound practical and effective in conversation might not run smoothly when you try to apply it to a real-life situation.

Children spend so much of their time at home and it is important to ensure their environment is healthy, stable, and nurtures their overall wellbeing.

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