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Why Hire Myers Family Law?

Compassionate & Aggressive Representation in Placer County, Sacramento County, & El Dorado County, CA

At Myers Family Law, we know that facing a complicated legal matter, especially one that involves your family, is very difficult. Emotional conflicts can lead to contentious arguments and are often responsible for delaying agreements or court proceedings. This can become especially problematic when children, money, and your future are involved.

If you have a family law matter let our Granite Bay attorneys be your legal advocates. Contact Myers Family Law at (916) 634-0067 today.

Guidance for Couples with a High Net Worth

Legal matters, especially divorce, can become especially difficult in cases involving a higher net worth, multiple properties, or your hard-earned assets. Safeguarding your financial future is a top priority of the Granite Bay divorce attorneys and we have the knowledge, dedication, and experience to represent your best interests in and out of court.

We want to ensure that you come to a favorable and just agreement in your family law issue, and that, above all else, your family is well-protected, no matter what the issue.

25+ Years of Professional Experience

When you are dealing with a complicated family law issue, you need a firm you can trust. Having experience and knowledge of the law on your side is important, as this can be the difference between getting the results you need and prolonging your case unnecessarily.

  • Other benefits of retaining a Granite Bay family lawyer from Myers Family Law include:
  • Low-cost 30-minute consultation
  • We are responsive to our clients
  • Working with a Certified Family Law Specialist
  • We really care and are invested in your case

Our firm offers a low-cost 30-minute consultation to discuss your legal matter. When you call Myers Family Law at (916) 634-0067, we can provide you with knowledgeable advice and tenacious representation.