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Am I Eligible for Spousal Support?

Spousal support is one of the most confusing concepts in a divorce. Every state has its own rules, which dictate how or if spousal support should be awarded. Therefore, what you might have heard from friends or family members in other states or seen on TV might be entirely different from your situation. If you are employed, you might be particularly concerned about the impact it might have on your eligibility for spousal support.

Understanding How Spousal Support is Awarded in California

Yes, even working spouses are eligible for spousal support in California. To determine if spousal support should be awarded, however, a judge will examine several factors. These factors will also help determine how much these payments should be and how long they should last.

Here are some of the factors a judge will consider to determine if spousal support should be awarded:

  1. The length of the marriage
  2. The supporting spouse’s earning power
  3. The monthly needs of the requesting spouse
  4. The health and age of each spouse
  5. The tax consequences for each spouse
  6. The requesting spouse’s contributions to the supporting spouse’s career or education
  7. The requesting spouse’s assets
  8. The balance of hardships for each spouse
  9. The ability of each spouse to become self-sufficient
  10. A history of domestic violence
  11. Any other factors the court believes are relevant

Family courts have a lot of leeway when it comes to determining spousal support. It is possible that, in some cases, the total amount of spousal support paid throughout the years might be greater than the total sum of the assets divided during the divorce process, especially if the supporting spouse earns substantially more than the requesting spouse.

Requesting Temporary Spousal Support During the Divorce Process

While the divorce process is in progress, one party can request temporary spousal support. Since divorce can take a substantial amount of time before it is finalized, temporary spousal support is often necessary to help one spouse maintain a certain standard of living. The amount awarded is based on the incomes of both spouses.

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