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  • Three Strange Reasons for a Divorce

    Every couple who pursues a divorce has their own reasons for doing so. Some fall out of love, while others face differences they cannot overcome. However, some of the reasons couples pursue divorce don’t always make the most sense or seem the most logical. On this blog, we examine three cases which had some seemingly strange circumstances for the couple choosing to file for divorce. Beauty is ...
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  • Six Interesting Modern Divorce Statistics

    Modern divorces have seen a few changes in what used to be a few well-established trends. As a new generation of people grows up, marries, and then makes the decision to divorce, they change a few trends that the previous generation had established pretty firmly. These changes can be shown through a few interesting statistics. Divorces are Actually Decreasing Contrary to popular belief, the actual ...
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  • Holiday Tips for Recently Divorced Parents

    The holiday season is already difficult and stressful for a wide variety of reasons, but for families who will be going through the holidays for the first time after a divorce, the unknown and confusion of what may lie ahead can be concerning. This is particularly true for children, who are about to go through the holidays with a separated family for the first time. In this blog, we offer parents ...
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  • Should I Move Out Before my Divorce is Finalized?

    A divorce can be an emotionally tumultuous period, and as such many people will opt to separate, with one spouse moving out to attempt to get away from the stress and difficulty of dealing with their soon-to-be ex outside of the courtroom as well as in it. However, in some circumstances we see people who refuse to move out of their home in fear that they may lose some of their claim to possession ...
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  • Military Divorce in California

    Military families are just like regular civilian families, having to deal with a lot of the same issues and challenges, in addition to extra ones such as constant relocation as the spouse currently serving is transferred from station to station. As such, when a couple decides they wish to divorce, there are a few differences in the process that could impact the way your case proceeds, particularly ...
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  • Navigating a "Gray Divorce"

    Divorce is slowly starting to become more prevalent with older couples—some even well into their 60’s and beyond. Because these couples are typically later in life and own far more in the way of wealth and assets than a younger couple typically would, these cases often have a much greater amount of detail and complexity that must be navigated in order to successfully dissolve the marriage. While ...
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  • What Should Be In Your Parenting Plan?

    When you and your spouse decide you no longer wish to stay married and begin the divorce process, you will need to make many critical decisions that could impact you for a very long time, possibly the rest of your life. If you have children, one of these decisions will be the terms of your parenting plan. There are several very important things that should be included in any parenting plan, and ...
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  • Three Ways to Help Your Attorney

    While your divorce attorney is qualified to handle the difficult task of navigating through the complicated legal process of a divorce case, you as a client have a massive impact on how the case unfolds. There are several things you can do to help your attorney do their job better which have many benefits, including a faster and more satisfying resolution to your case. Here are three things you ...
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  • When Should You Sign a Pre-Marital Agreement?

    For some couples who are about to enter into a marriage, they may wish to protect their best interests in the event that they do not wish to stay married. California law has allowed for this to happen through what are called prenuptial agreements. Essentially these documents outline an agreement that comes into effect if a married couple decides to part ways and dissolve their marriage. A common ...
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