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Three Strange Reasons for a Divorce

Every couple who pursues a divorce has their own reasons for doing so. Some fall out of love, while others face differences they cannot overcome. However, some of the reasons couples pursue divorce don’t always make the most sense or seem the most logical. On this blog, we examine three cases which had some seemingly strange circumstances for the couple choosing to file for divorce.

Beauty is Skin-Deep

This story caught headlines across the country a few years back. A man in China married his beautiful wife whom he was enamored with. However, when his wife birthed their first child, it resembled neither of them, and was “horrifically ugly,” according to the man. Fearing she would be charged with infidelity, his wife confessed to her husband that she had spent over $100,000 on cosmetic surgery for her good looks. Her husband still nonetheless sued her, won, and obtained a divorce.

“Facebook Official” Relationships

Social media has taken on an expanded role in family law and divorce matters, even playing a crucial part in the “discovery” process at the beginning of a case. While online behavior has contributed to a divorce, it is seldom the primary reason for it. However, one such case saw a woman file for divorce from her husband after just two months of marriage when she discovered that he had forgotten to change his relationship status to “married.” Thankfully, the judge in this case saw a common sense route and sentenced the couple to counseling to work through the predicament.

Lying About Her Age

Women have lied about their age for many years, and in many cases for outrageous reasons. In another story that has come from China, a man divorced his wife when he found out she had lied about her age, after 10 years of marriage. When he proposed, she had told him she was 24 years old, when it turned out she was actually 30. The man saw no better solution than to file for divorce.

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