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Valuation of Family Businesses

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Do you manage or run a business with your spouse but are now staring down a divorce filing? You will soon be dealing with one of the most complex forms of asset division with arguably the highest stakes: your wellbeing and namesake. To ensure you are treated properly and your business is respected during the division of community property, you should retain the services of Myers Family Law.

People love to work with our Granite Bay family lawyers because:

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Special Considerations When Valuating Your Family Business

What is your family business actually worth? How much of that final value do you deserve, or does your soon-to-be ex-spouse not deserve? Looking at typical profits or income taken home at the end of a fiscal year is not enough to truly valuate a business. You must consider all facets and how they play a part in giving the company value.

Consider these aspects of your family business that are not easily marked with a price tag:

  • Uniqueness of product or service
  • Reputation
  • Size of customer base
  • Ability to defeat competition
  • Business location (convenience)
  • Skillset of employees

More tangible valuables must also be considered. Everything from the cost of the equipment used at your business to total value of stock shares plays a part in your business valuation and the ultimate value of your company. Allowing a professional to assist with your bookkeeping during divorce lets you know the valuation is accurate and fair.

Business Debt in Divorce – Who Takes It?

It is entirely feasible for a family business to be worth a negative value. Companies struggling with debt still need to be considered for community property division, and so you could be saddled with debt if you get a part of your family business. Our Granite Bay divorce attorneys are staunch defenders of your rights and best interests. If you should not be held accountable for the negative value of your business, you can be confident that we will do everything in our power to keep that asset out of your hands by the time your divorce is finished.

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Beginning down the right path towards a better tomorrow starts with retaining the services of our Granite Bay divorce attorneys. We can manage every aspect of your family law dispute, including complex business valuations. Contact us at your first opportunity and we can let you know what to do next to protect your business from your spouse in a divorce.