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Qualifications for an Annulment in California

When a marriage or domestic partnership does not meet certain legal requirements, an annulment may be an option. An annulment can have the same effect that a non-union would, where the marriage or domestic partnership never existed. In the eyes of the law, an annulment is different than a divorce in that a divorced couple was once legally married. Our divorce attorneys at Myers Family Law are experienced in representing clients who are seeking an annulment.

There are certain qualifications that must be present in order for the court to annul a marriage or domestic partnership.

  • Some reasons an annulment would be permissible in court would be:
  • One or both spouses misrepresented themselves or the marriage was under false pretenses
  • One or both spouses were legally under age and were married without parental consent
  • One or both spouses were already married or in a domestic partnership
  • One or both spouses were forced into the marriage or domestic partnership
  • Spouses were closely related by blood

We Can Help You Resolve Issues Involving Child Custody & Property Division

Unlike a divorce, an annulment does not involve dividing community property or granting child or spousal support since the marriage is invalidated. For this reason, many questions can come of this legal process and it’s important to seek experienced Granite Bay family lawyers to help you understand your legal rights involving child custody and property division. Such complex legal issues require the expertise of knowledgeable, careful and experienced family law attorneys from our firm.

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At Myers Family Law, we welcome all questions that are on your mind. We understand that the ending of a marriage or domestic partnership is an emotional and difficult time. We work compassionately and attentively to help our clients with all their family law matters.

If you have found yourself in a situation where your marriage or domestic partnership may indeed qualify for an annulment, we will help you obtain the best possible results for your particular circumstances. We are here to take your calls, questions, and concerns; this is your future and we are here to support you.

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