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Three Ways to Help Your Attorney

While your divorce attorney is qualified to handle the difficult task of navigating through the complicated legal process of a divorce case, you as a client have a massive impact on how the case unfolds. There are several things you can do to help your attorney do their job better which have many benefits, including a faster and more satisfying resolution to your case.

Here are three things you can do to help your attorney with your case, which will ultimately increase your overall happiness with your entire experience.

Prepare for Every Meeting

Your attorney’s time is extremely valuable to them. This does not mean a reputable attorney will attempt to spend as little time as possible on your case, but wasted time can lead to substantial frustration on both ends, as well as more money out of your pocket. The best way to prevent this is to adequately prepare for every meeting. If your lawyer requests that you bring something in (like financial records or completed forms), be sure to complete what you need to and bring it in as soon as possible. They will not only appreciate your extra work, but this will allow them to serve you better.

Cooperate with your Ex

Couples who make every effort to work together to come to a fair and mutually beneficial divorce agreement are almost guaranteed to be happier with the end result and harbor few ill feelings towards each other, if any. This is the ideal result for a divorce, and easily the best outcome if there are children involved.

On the opposite end, couples who fight throughout the process and refuse to cooperate or work together rarely have a happy outcome to their split. These are also tremendously stressful cases for attorneys to work, and often will lead to unhappy clients who feel as though they “lost” their divorce case. A reputable attorney will always want a fair outcome, but this is only possible if both parties involved work together to an agreeable outcome.


Any reputable attorney will keep your best interests at heart in any divorce case, meaning they will not try to force you to settle for a result that will leave you unhappy. While it is highly-advisable that you set goals for what your ideal end result would be and your attorney should keep those goals in mind, you should not be unwavering on those goals either. Your lawyer has the duty to set realistic expectations and steer your case in a direction where your goals are obtainable and feasible.

If you are unwavering in your expectations and refuse to listen to your attorney’s counsel, you could find yourself stressed, confused, and angry that your case is not proceeding as you wish. Keep your attorney’s words in mind during your case and remember that they still have your best interests at heart when they advise you in a direction that may be different from your initial goals.

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