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Mediation vs. Litigation: Which Is Right for You?

If you are about to embark on a divorce, you might be wondering how to go about executing this process. The fact is that no two circumstances are alike and, therefore, different approaches are necessary for different couples. Many divorcing spouses are actually able to settle their divorces out of court, without ever needing to go through litigation, but that does not mean it is appropriate for all spouses. That said, it is important to understand what each of these options can provide for you and which you might benefit most from.


Mediation is a process through which both parties attempt to reach a mutually agreeable divorce settlement through civil negotiations that are facilitated by a neutral third party mediator. In addition to the mediator, each spouse can have his or her divorce attorney present to provide legal advice throughout the process. Unlike litigation, mediation allows both parties to have some control over their divorce settlement rather than allowing important issues, such as child custody or asset division, to end up in the hands of a judge. If you share children, this less contentious environment will also allow you and your former spouse to work on your ability to communicate, which will be helpful in the future as you continue to co-parent.

Additionally, mediation is generally much less expensive than litigation, especially since it is typically less time-consuming and allows both spouses to go through the process according to their own schedules rather than that of the court.


Unfortunately, when two spouses absolutely cannot resolve their issues, even with the assistance of a mediator and their respective attorneys, litigation is sometimes necessary. Remember, if your case goes through this process, it can take more time and, instead of having some control over the outcome, a judge will call the shots on your settlement, which may or may not please either you or your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Divorce Mediation in Rocklin

If you and your spouse are in the process of obtaining a divorce, but want to save money and time, divorce mediation might be your best option. At Myers Family Law, we are able to work through cases quickly to help our clients minimize stress and get back to their lives as quickly as possible. Trust our highly experienced divorce mediators for the advice you need.

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