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Tips for Dads Fighting for Child Custody

child custodyIn the past, it was generally expected for a mother to win custody of the children, putting fathers at a disadvantage in this area. This is certainly no longer the case. However, while courts generally put the best interests of children first, setting aside any preferences for a particular parent, it is still not always easy for fathers to win, especially if the mother is also filing for custody. There are ways in which fathers can increase their chances to obtain either joint or full custody, which is discussed in the following helpful tips:

  1. Always Pay Child Support: If you have been ordered to make child support payments, it is imperative that you never forget to do so. If the arrangement is informal, be sure to keep records or some form of written proof that explains the arrangement and any payments you have been made thus far. The court will not look kindly upon missed payments, so if you are financially struggling, inform the court and request a modification instead of outright failing to pay.

2.Nurture Your Relationship with Your Children: If your children are not in your custody, calling them regularly to check in on them is a necessary part of maintaining a close relationship. You should also stop by their school to introduce yourself to the administration and inquire about their academic progress. This will help your children know that you are there for them if they are ever in need.

3.Keep Accurate Records: Maintaining an accurate visitation schedule that accurately captures visitation records is vital to winning child custody. You can also exhibit your diligence and preparedness by submitting the parenting plan to court when child custody is decided.

4.Attend Important Events: If your child is appearing in an upcoming school play, or has a birthday party, or sporting event, you should attend them. This is not only beneficial for your children, but serves as evidence of your meaningful relationship with them.

5.Make Sure You Prepare a Space for Them: Regardless of the space in your home, it is important to always make a place for your children. You will be asked about living accommodations during hearings for child custody, so be prepared to respond to any inquiries regarding housing plans.

6.Have a Plan: Child custody is not a small matter, so a judge will expect you to be prepared. When a judge asks you a question, consider your response, and always be ready to answer intelligently.

7.Do Not Be Disrespectful: As angry as you might be with your ex, you must never disrespect the mother of your children. If you are rude or disrespectful, this might be considered when determining child custody, harming your chances.

8.Be Honest: Before seeking child custody, honestly evaluate your circumstances and make sure you are not taking on more than you can handle. If you have multiple jobs or a demanding schedule that leaves little room for fulfilling parental obligations, maybe full custody is not in the best interest of your children.

9.Consider Mediation or Arbitration: For a less adversarial environment, you might want to consider mediation or arbitration, both of which involve a neutral third party guiding you toward a mutually agreeable resolution. Courtroom proceedings are often emotionally difficult for all involved and this option will be able to ease some of that stress and high tension.

10.Ask for Advice: Every situation is different, but it would still be helpful to speak to others who have undergone the child custody process to see if you can acquire some learned lessons for your own case. Asking someone who has been through what you are experiencing can provide insight and a better understanding of what to expect.

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