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Common Child Custody Issues Parents Face

If you are in the midst of a divorce and have children, your primary concern is likely their wellbeing and the question of custody. This does not have to turn into a nasty battle, however. There are ways for parents to reach resolutions that work for both households and place as little stress on the children as possible.

Here are some of the issues you will likely come across as you negotiate custody with your ex:

  1. Decisions regarding the upbringing of your children: Legal custody involves the parental right and responsibility to make important decisions on behalf of a child, which includes health, education, religious training, and welfare. When negotiating during the process of mediation, both parents will be able to voice any preferences and goals they might have for their children. This could also include crafting a dispute resolution agenda to help both parties work through any future problems that might arise.
  2. Access to children: These days, custody is often shared between parents rather than granted to only one. As such, a large part of mediation involves the issue of access to shared children. Parents might be able to agree on the primary residence of a child, but could still disagree on visitation schedules, parenting time, or holidays and birthdays. Ultimately, both parents will have to compromise to reach an agreement that serves the interests of their children and allows them to move forward.
  3. Access to information: Both parents should have access to the medical records, school records, and other important documents regarding their children. Mediation will allow them to best determine how this information is to be exchanged.
  4. Consistency in the home: There are now two households, but that does not mean there should be two sets of rules. Consistency is crucial for a child’s life and stability, and uniformity between both households must be maintained. Mediation can help facilitate a unified front between parents even though they are no longer together. Children are skilled enough at playing the divide and conquer game even in non-divorce homes, so do not let them try to take advantage of any weak points. In the long run, it is for their benefit and will prevent growing resentment and confusion over different standards.

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